Come and meet us at an EDPHY - Villa Maria open house!
Sunday February 14th 10 am to Noon or
Saturday April 16th 10 am to Noon

Karate Day Camp

5 consecutive mornings
Monday to Friday

Every week during
Camp EDPHY at Villa Maria

Girls and Boys 7 - 14 years old

Daily Program

Each morning your child will spend 2 hours learning karate. Typical activities will be:

Karate Fitness

(Footwork, agility, speed and reaction time,
plyometrics and flexibility)

Karate Techniques

(Padwork Kicks & Punches, Blocking,
and other non-contact sparring techniques)

How to Register?

  1. Register your child with EDPHY International in the Multisport program at Villa Maria with the Karate specialty camp.
  2. Register on-line
  3. Register by phone:
    (450) 435-6668
    toll free
    1-(888) 463-3749 

Regular Camp Fee

+ $65 PER WEEK

Offered in collaboration with



Villa Maria High School
4245 Décarie Blvd.
Montreal, QC H4A 3K4
(car entrance by Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Avenue)

Contact Us:


Head Instructor: Sensei Sandra Coffey

2nd DAN Kanreikai Karate – 2nd DAN Yoshukan Karate
Sensei Sandra Coffey is a black belt in karate and she runs her karate school at Villa Maria High School. An experienced teacher, Sandra motivates students, building their self-esteem while teaching them the finer aspects of karate techniques.

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